I'm a huge fan of live text chat widgets. Who isn't?

As a customer, I use them on all the website who have them to ask questions and get instant answers.

And as a business owner, I love having them on my websites to get that instant customer feedback. Every time I launched a new feature or product I'd man the chat religiously to find out exactly what my customers though, what they were confused about and how I could help them to make the sale.

But text chat is so impersonal, isn't it?

It's better than email, but it's still not a personal connection. It's hard to convey emotion over text or explain what you mean sometimes when you're confused. And as the business owner it's really hard to tell how your customer is feeling or make that personal sales pitch that can really make the difference.

But text chat is now obsolete.

Introducing CallUs.io

CallUs.io is a click to call button for your website, or a live voice chat if you prefer.

Adding the button to your site is as simple as copy and pasting a single line of code. The button appears on your site, your customer clicks it and your phone rings.

You talk to your customer right through your phone like any other call and the customer talks to your right through their browser, while surfing your site. They don't need to install anytime or use Skype, Flash, or any other plugin. This technology is built right into their browser.

Imagine if you could have a personal conversation with the customers browsing your website. No more confusing text chats!

Voice is king and being able to truly speak with your online customers can make all the difference in the world for your business.

So give it a try. It's free.